Our Work

Terebelo Boutique Distillery, nestled away in Utica, New York, near the first State Park, and preserve the Adirondacks. The Adirondacks has the most spectacular views and pristine air, but most importantly, it has amongst the best in the nation’s water supply, clean, crisp, and refreshing.

The water takes on its character from running through hundreds of miles of an unadulterated and protected wildlife area.When it arrives in the distillery, this water is used throughout the process, from when we the ground corn to water to ferment and then distill till when we add water to cut down the alcohol level when we bottle.

Our corn is all locally grown here in the state of New York. This may be part of the reason why our bourbon is so delicious. The water in the corn is the same water that we use throughout the distilling process, which helps with the unification between the water and other molecules

Our Barrels are unique in that they are made by a small cooperage using the cleanest of woods. The preciseness and level of expertise is perfect in that they do not use any paste to seal cracks between the slats.